FEMP EISA 432 Compliance Tracking System

Compliance Tracking System (CTS) Privacy


The Compliance Tracking System (CTS) collects and stores the users’ email address, first and last name (as provided by the user) and an optional phone number.

CTS utilizes the user’s email address as their User Name for the purpose of logging into the system verifying the identity of the user. Additionally, the system stores the user provided First and Last name and optionally, a phone number for contact purposes only.

The user’s name and login User Name (email address) are also used to identify the source of modifications to data within the system. These historical records are saved within data base logs. Admin users within the user’s organization, with an appropriate higher level user role, may access the historical information via database based reports. This information is used primarily to help verify the accuracy of data stored in CTS.

The user’s name and User Name (email address) may also be used by the Federal Agency CTS administrator, to identify and track the Facility Energy Manager (FEM) as required by the EISA statute 42 U.S.C. 8253(f)(7). Optionally the Agency Administrator may designate the Facility Energy Manager (FEM) within CTS by use of an agency supplied identifier which is assigned internally to the manger by the agency, hereby maintaining anonymity of the individual.